We'll prepare your taxes so you don't have to

Do you think, I don’t need a professional to prepare my taxes? It’s true that there are hoard’s of tax software vendors on the market these days all stating their software is guaranteed to produce an accurate return. What they are really saying is it does the calculations in the background. Ultimately, the return is only as accurate as the information put into it. What if you misunderstand the question? What if the question you needed it to ask in order to maximize your deductions didn’t get asked? What is your time worth?

At Mid-South Professional Services we work to uncover those deductions often missed by “return in a box” software. We use tactics to reduce your tax burden legally. We provide something that no “return in a box” can provide, Peace of Mind! We are here all year round to assist your needs even after tax season and if you ever get one of those scary letters from the IRS we have an Enrolled Agent on staff, licensed to represent you before the IRS in all areas of taxation and in all 50 states. The IRS typically audits tax returns for the most current 3 years. Don’t spend the next three years worrying if your tax return was accurate, contact us today.